Little Guy meets Little Thorin… and his family

This post is for fun, just for fun. Razz

Since I have Little Guy, I sometimes decide to make photoshoots with him in different situations. The funniest are the ones that I’ve made with a friend while her husband was watching us saying to himself « OMG OMG OMG »…


Little Guy was happy to live at my place since a few years. His beloved Little Marian was with him and everything was alright.

Everything… until Little Thorin arrives… lol!

Little Guy doesn’t appreciate much the way HIS Little Marian welcomed the new guest.


Poor Little Guy… He has no idea what awaits next.

Little Thorin was not alone… He comes with his entire « family ». Plush Thorin was the second to arrive.


He quickly became friends with Violet :


And then arrives Lego Thorin :


I’ve decided to take a picture of this « happy family ». Very Happy


Little Guy was unhappy… very unhappy. lol!


A few minutes later, Plush Thorin has met Plush Gandalf :


Men conversation :

Plush Gandalf : I have a big stick.

Plush Thorin : OK… but I have the biggest sword.

Plush Gandalf : Alright, alright… but I my beard is bigger than yours.

Annoyed, Thorin was absent for a time to borrow something… Santa Claus’ beard !


Plush Thorin : Now, I have the biggest beard…

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19 Responses to Little Guy meets Little Thorin… and his family

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  2. Traxy dit :

    That is so funny! I love it! 😀

  3. guylty dit :

    *giggles* – I particularly love the Lego Thorin. Now, how does he cope with his multiple personality?

  4. jasrangoon dit :

    Too funny! I love Plushy Thorin in Santa’s beard…take that Gandalf. 😉

  5. CardiganGirl dit :

    Poor Guy! Always having jealousy issues. Poor thing.

    This was too cute.

  6. Giggles! I love these vignettes!
    And in my mind, LIl Thorin beats Lego Thorin every time. Ha!

  7. littlesallyboots dit :

    How cute is that family of Thorins (+ Guy)? Answer: Too cute!
    Hehe! Love the pics! 🙂

  8. Nat dit :

    Love it! And jealous of your Thorin collection. 🙂

  9. Ania dit :

    I love it! * giggles *
    Thorin and Violet, oh they look so sweet 🙂

  10. AgzyM dit :

    The only one missing is the real thing 🙂

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