My top 5 of Richard Armitage’s favorite characters

First of all, excuse me if my English is not perfect. I do usually no write in English in my blog, it’s one of my first time. Wink


For my first post for this FanstRAvaganza 4, I have decided to make a ranking of my 5 favorite Richard’s characters : cheers


1) Guy of Gisborne



2) John Thornton



3) Thorin Oakenshield



4) Harry Kennedy



5) Lucas North



Places Nr 1 and Nr 2

Well, I hesitated a lot between 1 and 2 … yes, it’s true. Ange

John Thornton was the first character in which I discovered Richard. I loved his performance in the excellent serie « North and South », he was perfect in the role. And then, Richard arrived in my living room (unfortunately in a figurative way Mdr ) all dressed in black leather in « Robin Hood » and my poor little heart could not resist. Love2

So which one should I choose as Nr 1 ? I find Richard better in acting as John Thornton, I love the story, his relation with Margaret, etc. And everything ended well for him, which in not the case for Guy of Gisborne. Hug2

And in the other hand… Richard is a great « baddie » and I never saw a « bad guy » who looks so sexy in black leather… So, I choose Sir Guy. Swoon

I know, I know… I’m a weak woman… Mdr


Place Nr 3

Richard is simply incredible as Thorin Oakenshield in « The Hobbit ». For me, I doens’t play Thorin, he IS Thorin. cheers

I have seen the movie many times, but not just because Richard was in it. He and the others actors were perfect. I can’t wait to see the second part. Very Happy


Place Nr 4

I find the character of Harry Kennedy adorable and lovely…. and he’s so cute in his striped sweater. Very Happy

I love his relationship with Geraldine, they are a couple so unusual and so cute that you can’t just resist… Clap


Place Nr 5

Do not be surprised if I put Lucas in the 5th position. I loved this character when I started watching seasons 7 and 8 of « Spooks ». Richard was great in the role of Lucas North. But unfortunately, I don’t like season 9 very much, I don’t like what they have done with Lucas. But it’s nothing to do with Richard, who plays it well, as usual. Wink


And you… what’s your 5 favorite Richard’s characters ? Very Happy

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42 Responses to My top 5 of Richard Armitage’s favorite characters

  1. AgzyM dit :

    John Thornton at numer 2…. interesting. I guess he couldn’t mind as long as you didn’t smoke a pipe at the mill. Guy on the other hand… he’d hang the whole village if he was runner-up. Probably a smart choice to put Gizzy at the top of the list 😉

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  3. guylty dit :

    Hehe, Guy is my number 1, too. Then probably followed by Lucas. Thornton, Porter and Kennedy following from the rear. Thanks for the post 🙂

  4. Traxy dit :

    I’m not sure in what order I’d put them, but I do like your 1+2 in particular! 😀 Maybe I would put Harry first? Surprise!

  5. Nat dit :

    I think for me it goes: 1. Thornton, 2. Thorin, 3. Gizzy, 4. Harry, 5. Lucas

  6. Thora dit :

    Nice post and well written. My favourites are: 1. Thorin (I fell for Thorin first, I was so happy when I found out he was played by a wonderful humanbeing). 2. John Thornton. I can’t choose among the others.

  7. jasrangoon dit :

    First off, you’re English is really good! So I hope you don’t worry to much over it when you do post in English. 🙂 I’m impressed that you can put your favorite characters in order. There are characters I don’t particularly care for, but I’m not sure I could choose a favorite of the ones you listed. Depending on the day and my mood any one of these five could top my list!

  8. Lady Prisca dit :

    Well my first is again and again Guy of Gisborne , because he’s complex , not manichean at all , verrrry sexy in black leather, sometimes cruel and sometimes moving, after having watch many times Robin Hood in the 3 last years , I’m still fascinated. So for the first it’s easy to choose, it’s harder for the next. My second is John Standring , so sweet , shy and moving , great composition of actor , Richard seems to be another man (new body , new face) without make-up and special effects. My third is John Porter because it’s a very physical character and also he’s an incredible hero , brave , strong and compassionate. I love this character very much. For the two last it’s very difficult to choose. My fourth is John Thornton , because I love to see a man romantically in love , and because Richard is very deep in this character. My fifth is thorin , sexy , deep , strong , interesting (and I love very much the long hair). That »s all!

  9. littlesallyboots dit :

    Ooh, I like that Guy got the No.1 spot! He was the best thing about Robin Hood!
    As TV characters go, Lucas would get top spot. Your No.5 becomes my No.1 🙂
    2nd is tricky…I’m gonna give joint 2nd to two of the Johns – Thornton & Porter. Then joint 3rd to Harry and Guy. This is subject to change, hehe!

  10. Hi April,
    These are all good RA role choices! And though Thornton first claimed my heart, Sir Guy’s tragic anti-hero grew in it, Harry fluffed it up and made it comfy, Lucas challenged it with his moral dilemmas, and Thorin captured it for his treasure. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati;->

  11. Ania dit :

    Hard for me to give my list, because Thornton is the first of my list. But sometimes Guy pushes poor Mr. Thornton and jumps on the first place. Oh, Harry does the same! 🙂
    But all depends on my mood.

  12. Servetus dit :

    Tie for 1 & 2=Thornton and Thorin
    3 Guy of Gisborne
    4 John Porter
    5 Lucas North
    honorable mention=John Standring

    Great post!

  13. mujertropical dit :

    Oh, boy, I better brace myself because most of you are not going to like me very much in a few days when I tackle the ‘sacred cow’ that is Harry Kennedy! *sigh*
    Let’s see, putting favorites in order is very hard, actually, but I will go with the first thoughts that come into my mind:

    1. John Standring: My RP husband so, no contest there. He has all the important qualities a good husband should have and – even though I am not a country girl – the man is noble and loving and simply wonderful in every way that counts for a happy married life.
    2. Lucas North: A tragic figure if there ever was one. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Series 9. In my world, it never happened; Lucas is alive and well. He is a courageous, loyal hero, a great leader and still fighting the baddies. This is one of several beefs I have to pick with Richard.
    3. John Thornton: The kiss at the train station is arguably the most intensely romantic one put on film and it illustrates the erotic power of true, pure, unadulterated virtuous love. If you add to that his sense of duty and responsibility, his deep love for his mother and the concern he expresses for his workers and their families…I simply adore him. Also, if I ever get married, my man will have to wear a cravat – lots of them – when we are alone, of course, once the cell phone ringers have been turned off. You gals catch my drift. Pass the smelling salts!
    4. John Porter: An alpha male, too proud to stand up for himself at the beginning but, boy, did he come back with a vengeance! Those guns! …and I am not talking about the ones with bullets. OOOF! The way he rescued Katie from the terrorists is the kind of testosterone display we should see from real action heroes. Too bad Richard agreed to that inane and infuriating conclusion! Another beef I must pick with that man if I am ever given the chance.
    5. Guy of Gisborne: In real life, I would stay away from a man like that. Heck, I would run away. In our fangirling world? Come here, baby, let me take good care of you and love you into redemption! Oh…and don’t forget to wear The Pants of Seduction, especially the ones with laces.

    • april73 dit :

      I’ve watched season 9 of « Spooks », but I didn’t like what they have done with Lucas’ character. 😦

      I’m 100% agree with what you said about Sir Guy. A man like him in real life ? No thanks… OK, he has qualities, he can be nice, but he has killed people, even the woman he loved… not good at all (as Radagast said in « The Hobbit », lol).

      But in our fantasy world ??? Oh yes, come here honey and give me a hug…

      OK more than a hug but I cannot tell what I would really want from him here, lol.

  14. collarcitybrownstone dit :

    Your English is beautifully written and I enjoyed reading your post. John Thornton will always be number 1 for me. #2 is Harry Kennedy, #3Lucas North, #4 Thorin, #5 John Standring.

  15. vec170203 dit :

    Hello April! my top three would be:
    1. J. Porter: my damaged hero. He’s all about honor and integrity. BTW, it doesn’t hurt that he looks amazing in uniform (and without it, too…)
    2. Thorin: I met Richard because he was chosen for this role. As a character, I love him ’cause he’s 100% loyal to his family and his legacy.
    3. J. Thornton: Take me back to 19th century and I’ll help him with his cravat…

    I like the rest of his characters but I don’t have them in particular orden: special mention to Ricky Deeming (great monologue in the interrogation room) and Monet (lovely scene with his deceased wife).

    PD: I’m also supported by Google Translator and WordReference 😉

  16. micra1 dit :

    Merci for your very nice post! Here are my fave 5:
    1) John Thornton
    2) Thorin
    3) Harry « Jasper » Kennedy
    4) John Porter
    5) Lucas North (I refuse to watch S09)
    My choice is equally based on RA’s good acting and ovaries responses 😛 AND my brain reactions to plot and actions in the movies/series. My ovaries alone couldn’t decide which is my fave, I love them all, from John Standring to Thorin.

  17. april73 dit :

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  18. One more role and Lucas will disappear from your top 5. If it happens, I wonder if we could be friends any longer… 😀

    My top 5? It’s too much fluctuating, depends on my mood, which is very fluctuating too…

  19. C’est le cuir voyons, tout est dans le cuir ! D’où la première place de Gizzy 😛

    Pour moi ce serait
    1) Lucas North
    2) Guy of Gisborne
    3) John Thornton
    4) John Porter
    5) Harry Kennedy

  20. mariana dit :

    My 5 favourite characters :
    1.John Thornton (he allways be my no.1)
    4.John Standring
    But the truth is I love all Richard’s characters (Lucas, John Porter, Percy,et..)

  21. I know I’m late for the party, catching up, but Loved your top 5!
    My top 5:

    1. Lucas North
    2. Thorin
    3. John Thornton
    4. John Standring
    5. Guy of Gisborne

    I first saw RA in North and South, so JT always has a special place in my heart 🙂

  22. Sarah dit :

    1- Lucas North(John Bateman, encore un John!),pour l’ambivalence du personnage, tout comme Guy de Gisborne.parvenir à nous faire aimer des méchants, chapeau !
    2- John Thornton, John Porter, les hommes biens, responsables, ayant la notion de sacrifice chevillée au corps
    3-Thorin, pour son look ,et sa voix ( quand il chante, on regrette que ce soit si bref)
    je ne connais pas John Standring, mais à vos commentaires, ça donne envie de le découvrir.

    • april73 dit :

      Je ne peux que te conseiller de regarder « Sparkhouse ». On y voit un Richard transformé et très touchant. 🙂

      Par contre, l’histoire n’est pas très gaie, c’est une adaptation moderne de « Les hauts de Hurlevent ».

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