Translation in English of Richard Armitage’s interview published in the Spanish magazine “Accion Cine” by Servetus. Very Happy

Me + Richard Armitage

[ETA: I’ve been informed that this translation is illegal. I’m indexing this post and leaving it here for now, but if I am asked directly to remove it, I will. A .pdf of this part, along with the bio that accompanied the original article, which is not included here, is currently available at, so if it’s important to you to save a copy, download it there. In that translation, “ensayo rodado” is translated as “filmed rehearsal” on the recommendation of Antonia Romera; below, Violet suggests “extended take.”]

Hi, here’s my translation. I made it for RA Net, and when it posts there, I will take it down from here. Enjoy. Corrections welcome. I have a BA in Spanish, but I’m not a native speaker.

Exclusive: Richard Armitage

Interviewer: Jesús Usero

Perhaps in in our country he may be more known for his television roles in series like Robin…

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    Thanks for the reblog!

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