Peluches pour « Le Hobbit : un voyage inattendu »

Décidément, ce film va causer ma ruine… lol!

Le site The Geekest Link vient de sortir plusieurs peluches concernant le film. Very Happy

Bilbo Baggins


Le roi des Goblin


Thorin Oakenshield

Je les trouve trop mimi ces peluches, en particulier celle de Gandalf. Very Happy

Mais c’est sur celle de Thorin que j’ai craqué… Happy Mdr

Les peluches sont disponible en taille 18 cm et 25 cm ici :

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32 Responses to Peluches pour « Le Hobbit : un voyage inattendu »

  1. servetus dit :

    J’ai vu la peluche de Thorin d’hier, mais j’ai pensée que c’est une blague.

  2. servetus dit :

    Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Get your Thorin Oakenshield stuffed toy — a cuddly toy Armitage! I predict this will be popular among the beard contingent. And not even all that expensive.

  3. zan dit :

    Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    Oh, look! A cuddly Thorin. 😉 Thanks for the link, April!

  4. zan dit :

    How cute! A cuddly Thorin! 🙂 This may just be my « must have » item. *giggle*

  5. Judit dit :

    I love those huge baby blue eyes of the Thorin cuddly toy! 🙂

  6. cdoart dit :

    Do you think, RA is content with the nose of the Thorin figure? It’s the smallest of all (if Gandalf, who’s is totally hidden, is not counted). But it so well gives him the fierce look of a toy-warrior ;o)

  7. fedoralady dit :

    Oh, Lordie. I slept today and now here I find more Thorin goodies. My action figure is on the way and now I also discover a cuddly Thorin!! I’m on unemployment!! So much temptation . . .

    • april73 dit :

      You’re right… too much temptation. 😉

      Which size of the Thorin action figure did you ordered ? The 3.75 » or the 6 » ?

      • fedoralady dit :

        I got the six inch figure. It’s ridiculous how excited I am at the thought of holding it in my hands. Silly girl! 😉

      • april73 dit :

        I am still waiting my action figures too. I have ordered them from Amazon, but I had to send them to a friend who lives in France, because the seller was not shipping them in Switzerland. So I need to wait a little longer before holding them. 😉

  8. april73 dit :

    Just for your information, in case if some of you are interest : I have opened a few months ago on Facebook a group called « Little Guy Friends Network » and recalled it « Little Guy and Thorin Friends Network » a few days ago.

    If you like to join in, just send a request and I will ad you. 🙂

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