Here the great story and pics from ItsJSforME who met Richard Armitage a few days ago. 🙂

Do I Have A Blog?

WOW!!!  Still trying to catch my breath!    It’s been a great day!!!

Yesterday was a great day too.   Hubby drove me around Oakland University to my fave vantage point for shooting pictures of the main scene of the tornado movie being filmed there.  He convinced me to go take my pictures even though there were crew members working there. Another man appeared out of nowhere and was giving the others some instructions. He smiled at us so I asked if I could take some pictures. He said go right ahead….take as many as you want. He asked which actor I was there to see, and I said Richard Armitage. He smiled again and said, « Oh, Richard! He’s our lead! Nice guy! » (I squeeeee’d silently in my head lol) I asked if it was alright to ask him a few questions and he said, « Shoot! I’ll answer whatever I can. »

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  1. UrbanGirl dit :

    Salut April !
    Très joli récit. J’aurais pensé que le plateau aurait été fermé au public, mais non. Fantastique!

  2. Hi April
    itsJSforMe had a great essay about meeting « Rich »! Sighhhhh!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

  3. Laure dit :

    Une chanceuse , belle rencontre , il est vraiment adorable …! Merci d’avoir poster cette jolie aventure sur ton blog …bisous

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