How I have met Richard…

This is the guest post that I have posted on Bccmee’s blog on January 23rd, 2012 (

A guest’s post from Switzerland

A few days ago, Bccmee kindly asked me if I would like to write a guest post on her blog and respond to comments in her absence end of January. I have accepted with great pleasure.

Some of you knows me as Isabelle on Facebook. I’m also on Twitter under the name Aprilsviolet but I usually post as April (now April73) on Bccmee’s blog and others. Please excuse me if my English in not very good, for it’s not my mother tongue.

So, let me tell you how I have met Richard…

I mean in the figurative sense, not in the literal, unfortunately, lol. Although I had the chance to meet some actors at the stage doors with my friends such as James McAvoy (very nice), Rupert Penry-Jones (adorable) and Matthew Macfadyen (very impressive), I had not yet the chance to see Richard “for real”. I hope to have the chance to see him once on stage in London. 🙂

I discovered Richard on a French forum dedicated to Jane Austen, English literature, period drama, etc. It’s like C19, but smaller, lol. Before that, I had never heard about him. He is not very known in Switzerland, not even in France, unless you have seen him in “Robin Hood” or “Spooks”, but I think this will change with the forthcoming success of “The Hobbit”.

So, the first time I have seen Richard on screen was in January 2009 in the BBC drama “North and South”.

I had never read Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel before that, but I have immediately liked the story and the great performance of the actors. English actors are so talented… 🙂 And when I saw Richard, I have said to myself “What a great actor… and what a beautiful voice”. And of course “He’s quite handsome”, lol.

Having a very good experience with this actor, I wanted to see other series or movies with him. A member of the forum, who is also fan of him, advise me to watch “Robin Hood” and a few other series.

So, I went on Amazon to order the first 2 seasons of “Robin Hood” not only because Richard was playing in, but also because I like the legend.

OMG OMG OMG… This was quite a shock… a very nice, good shock. The first time I saw Richard as Sir Guy of Gisborne in the first episode, I said to myself “What is that ???”. Translation : “OMG OMG OMG, he is too sexy in black leather. And this is the bad guy that we are not supposed to like ??? Not possible.”, lol lol lol. I have nothing against Jonas Armstrong and the others, but they don’t have the charisma of Richard or even Keith (the Sheriff is my favourite character in the serie).

After having recovered form shock, I have watched “Spooks” from season 7 to 9 (but I don’t like what they have done with the character of Lucas North, or should I say John Bateman, in the 9th season).

I have also seen “Captain America”, “Golden Hour” (on French TV, but only episodes 3 and 4), “Moving On” (he plays the bad guy very well), “Strike Back” (for me, John Porter is one of Richard’s best role), “Sparkhouse”, “Mac Beth”, “The impressionists” (I had the chance to visit Money’s house and garden in Giverny in Summer 2010. It was wonderful), “The Vicar of Dibley” (so hilarious), and also the episode of “Miss Marple”, “Inspector Lynley Mysteries” and “George Gently” in which he appears.

I must confess that I have all the dvd’s in which Richard plays a character, but I had yet not the time to see everything. Yes I know… Shame on me !!! lol lol lol.

So, I hope I was not too long to read and I hope you liked the post.

Once again, thank you Bccmee. 🙂

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10 Responses to How I have met Richard…

  1. Fan indigne lol! Mais bon, comme tu en as déjà vu plus que moi je t’absous! lol

  2. Clara dit :

    How interesting !

  3. C’est en lisant des articles comme celui-ci que je me dis que je dois être une fan indigne puisque j’ai vu et possède très peu de ses oeuvres. Tant pis, j’assume 😛 !! En tout cas j’adore découvrir comme chacune d’entre nous a été accrochée par RA 🙂

  4. bccmee dit :

    Thank you again for writing your guest post on my blog when I was away! You have seen more of Richard Armitage’s work than I have, LOL.

    I definitely had the same reaction as you when I first laid eyes on Richard Armitage. I wondered, « Who is THAT?! » 😀

    • april73 dit :

      You’re welcome Bccmee, it was a great pleasure to do it. 😉

      Yes… Who is that splendid, gorgeous, sexy, handsome, beautiful, magnificent and very talented man ??? lol

  5. agzym dit :

    That Thornton is so addictive, they really should put a warning sticker on the DVD box! You will lose all your sanity due to a hansome mill master! He’s a health hazard! LOL!

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